Sep. 15th, 2017 07:56 pm
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End of work week. These are my brief thoughts how I felt during the week while on Topamax:

The Good
  • No more insomnia. Sure there are times I still have trouble falling asleep, but the medication will guarantee I knock-out no later than 1-1:30am.
  • Less serious twitching/tremors.
  • Almost no occurrences of the jaw clenching/tongue biting.
  • Almost no right-side weakness.
  • Emotional health has improved. There are times were I want to freak-out, become very angry/depressed, but didn't.
  • I'm forced to go to bed earlier, which isn't so bad. I wake up more refreshed.

The Bad
  • I have to drink LOTS of WATER! That also means I HAVE TO PEE A LOT. IT'S ANNOYING. 
  • I can't concentrate very well, which doesn't bode well for my job.
  • If I don't take my medication by 7:30pm, the next day I will be one giant lethargic slob.
  • Fatigue sucks.
  • Nausea sucks.
  • Blurry vision. To be fair, I had blurry vision before I was on Topamax.

And now this car issue needs to be resolved. The dealership is dragging its feet. Why would they prioritize my suffering? They have their money, they sold a car. Maybe I need a lawyer.
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Why is everything so difficult for me? All I wanted was to buy a brand new car that is reliable and would transport me and my passengers from point a to point b. 

That's it! 

I LOVE my car, except that it's making me sick! Literally, sick. I have always been sensitive to harsh chemicals, and I did expect having a minor temporary issue with the new car smell, but six months later I didn't expect to be having these issues:
  • Severe headaches
  • Moderate sinus inflammation
  • Moderate to severe sinus, face and ear pain
  • Breathing issues
  • Lightheaded
  • Vertigo
  • Twitching (yes muscle and limb)
  • Memory issues
  • General feeling like shit

After attempting to remedy the situation myself (ex. changing cabin filters, airing car out, placing bowls of baking soda under the seats) I couldn't take it anymore, I contacted the dealership. On Monday, they agreed to clean out the car's ventilation system with a special "deodorizing" foam. On paper that sounded good, except it made my symptoms WORSE!

Was going to watch Wonder Women this weekend, but didn't feel like sitting in the chemical wasteland on wheels. And plus I just don't feel well enough to go. 

Sad to say, but if this doesn't resolve itself in the next week, I'll be forced to get rid of the car. I have a liver issue and used to have a seizure disorder, so it's a lot more important for me to be healthy rather than drive a nice, brand new car that's making me sick.

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Such a stupid past two weeks. I wish I could take a month off from everything. Doesn't help the embarrassment that occupies the White House is seeking to dismantle our environmental protections, healthcare and other essentials. Don't even get me started on #RussiaGate. When will this asshole get impeached and thrown out of office?


At least my car rocks :) I call it a "baby" SUV. The VW Tiguan is considered a compact/small SUV. The increased visibility and riding height just blows the Jetta away. And those annoying deep dips? I can drive right through them without significantly slowing down. I mean I don't recommend you do that, but if the need arises I can without freaking out that I'm scratching/damaging the bottom. I can never go back to a regular car.

So there's that, otherwise my life sucks at the moment. 
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Don't park in my parking space assholes!
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Today was a bit rough, but something unexpected happened.

I was waiting for my order in the drive thru then out of nowhere my car shook violately and decided to die. In the drive thru no less! That was my 'oh shit' moment of the day. Luckily for me and the people behind me I was able to start-up my car and drive off.

I know it wasn't the battery. Just this Decemember my battery was tested and it was more than fine. It's either a dying alternator and/or a dying fuel pump. There is probably something deeply wrong with the electrical system too. I have to replace my light bulbs on a fairly constant basis. Sometimes the light bulb warning light will come on and then turn-off in the middle of driving. The most telling thing that something is deeply wrong is the fact I have to press fairly hard to accelarate. If I don't, the car will hesitate and shift gears very roughly.

Anyways I've felt for a few months now I needed a new car, I just hoped it would last until I found a more permanent/stable job. Sadly, it didn't. So I made the decision to buy another car.

While attempting to eat my lunch, I called a local Volkswagen dealership and submitted my credit application over the phone. To be frank I was too stressed out to eat. All I kept thinking about was making it home/to-the-dealership in one piece. Once I was finished with work I headed down to the dealership.

To make a long story short, my credit application was approved and I got a 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan :D Man I was so happy! Then I remembered my job situation and the car payments :(


I think everything will work itself out, like a normally does.

Checked my job application status for an User Interface Designer. My status changed from "Under Review" to "Not a Match."


At least my time at my current job has been extended.

I guess it's back to the drawing board.
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Why can't the US get the European styled 2018 Tiguan?! Instead they're selling us a bloated and unappealing version. If I wanted to drive a damn boat I would get an Atlas or a Touareg. YUCK!

WHY?!?! I WANT IT!!! :'(

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In my non-political post of the day, I'm going to rant about Volkswagen and their decision to make the 2018 Tiguan larger.

Why do car companies keep making compact suvs bigger? If they kept the 2017 size and slightly changed the brake lights and panel styling of the 2018 model it could've been a winner.


Why do I even care? It's not like I have a permanent job that I can count on. My stay has been extended due to the Media Department's slowness in returning my queries, otherwise I would have been out looking for work two weeks ago.

Anywho my next car will most likely be a pre-2018 VW Tiguan or a Buick Encore.


Dec. 20th, 2016 05:53 pm
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Stupid country and our spineless electors. Whatever.

I had to return most of my Old Navy order. Stock issues. Fine. Whatever.

I want a new car (a flying/hover car)

Got back into House of Cards. I forgot how boring season 3 was.
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Dear Imaginary Santa Claus,

Bring me a Surface Studio with 32GB of ram, 4GB GPU and a 2TB hard drive. Oh and my very own place away from my moronic family. Preferably somewhere on a livable Mars. If you have the time throw in a new car that runs on air power and can fly.


Ana renewed2

I'm Alive

Apr. 19th, 2016 12:30 am
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So it's April now. So much stuff...

The Good

  • I FINALLY got hired and it's local! No more awful soul crushing morning commutes.

  • There is three more weeks until the semester is over. I hate school.

  • I love my new wardobe.

  • Free to exhale. Finished taxes on Sunday and it looks like I'm getting a small refund. Tax software from best to least: Turbo Tax > TaxAct > H&R Block. This will be my first and last time I use H&R Block. There was a reason Amazon had a price cut. Never again.

  • Discovered the Prism app. Got all my bills paid and sorted out.

  • I have hope again, that my situation will get better.

  • Hooked on The Catch.

  • I lost weight :)

  • Been more physically active, which led to the weight loss.

The Bad

  • Burnt-out. I can't bring myself to start on my project or draw...or design. Which is an awful thing considering my job is designing LOL.

  • I discovered I hate risographs.

  • Got bad news about my cousin. Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. It's not looking good for her :( If anyone happens to read this please pray for her. If Jesus can bring Lazarus back from the dead there is still hope for her.

  • The used copy of Adobe CS5 didn't pan out. The seller is a lying sack of poo. Good thing I bought it off of Amazon and was able to get my monies back. But this leaves me without software. CC? Yuck. I guess at this point I have no choice. I just wish Affinity would hurry up and release the beta for Windows already.

  • Had a mini spiritual meltdown and axed bible study. In my defense my bible study partner had very little life expereince in well...everything lol. I'm sure once she goes through more gut wrenching trials she'll grow some empathy until then...BYE! LOL

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Just paid off my car. Not a big deal, but it helps to free up monies that can be allocated elsewhere, say credit card balances :)

My last payment was a balloon payment of nearly $700 LOL. Sure I will never have to pay that again, but it sure hurts the old bank account. Right now I'm applying for better paying jobs. After being bled dry from out-of-pocket hospital and other misc. bills last year I'm not in the best financial shape. I need more monies if I want to pay off my debts and move the heck out. Come-on hiring managers...call me back!


Jun. 28th, 2014 12:13 am
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So I got my replacement glasses. Well...they were cheap LOL. I should accept these types of glasses are not made for my face. I'll make them my sunglasses.

Feeling MUCH better! That awful cold is almost gone.

Stupid insurance claim issues.


At least I'm owed monies! Should get everything cleared up by Monday.

Client is having difficulty paying me. Lucky for him I'm very understanding. I gave him until Tuesday to pay me the remaining balance LOL. We'll see if he comes through.

Ever come across stuff that you wrote years and years ago? Yeah. All I wanted to do was slap the ever living crap out of my younger self. Talk about living through rose-colored naive glasses. I probably will always have some degree of naivety, but the infantile accepting BS is gone. "Love" doesn't conquer all and it sure doesn't require one to sacrifice so much of ourselves to make a no-win situation work.

I guess that's just a part of growing-up and life in general right? Making sure one doesn't repeat the same idiot mistakes over and over again...

I got to get a smog check.


Time for a new car? LOL

My domain name provider's SMTP server is down. Thanks a lot Name Guard! Now I can't use my phone or gmail to reply to client emails.


First world problems...
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I had a job interview in Newport Beach :) I must say, both Irvine and Newport Beach are beautiful. Nice ocean breeze too. I did notice there are a lot of high-profile vehicles (Porches, Mercedes, and other up-scale vehicles). Eh. Personally I don't care, but as a person who appreciates good design I can't help but notice. I don't think I would want to live there. It's nice, but it has a "I'm better than you" vibe.

Anyways, the interview went well. Got there super early and left at a good time. Thank the Lord I didn't get lost while on the 405 to Long Beach. I've forgotten how big the 405 really is. I had to make a U-turn, but other than that, I didn't get lost. My little adventure on the freeways won't be over until I take my Typography final tonight. I should do well.

Period/spotting sucks. That's all.

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So far this week has been challenging, but it did have it's reedeming qualities. Snickers got very sick. He was vomiting and not eating or drinking, but I'm glad to report he is on the mend :) The job offer didn't materialize, but at least I got paid for two hours of work. I was also able to tether my phone to the laptop. Oh and I didn't get ticketed for driving with expired tags.

I wonder what will tomorrow bring?
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Apparently someone on my street can't seem to park. I sense a parking ticket coming about...

EDIT: So disappointing. The cops came and asked the idiot to move his van. It looks like he got off with a warning. :\


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