Mar. 2nd, 2017 02:46 pm
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Looks like the Sessions' scandal is opening up a can of worms the orange one doesn't want to be opened.


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I can't remember when I laughed so hard at a meme/image before viewing the one above. It's simply enchanting.

Source: Kristina Wong's Twitter
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Do your part by taking part in this media accountability survey. God Bless. LOL.

Be Still!

Feb. 5th, 2017 06:31 pm
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So I was having a mini freak-out about my job situation. Then I read this devotional from Streams in the Desert:

Sit still, my daughter! Just sit calmly still!
Nor deem these days--these waiting days--as ill!
The One who loves thee best, who plans thy way,
Hath not forgotten thy great need today!
And, if He waits, 'tis sure He waits to prove
To thee, His tender child, His heart's deep love.
Sit still, my daughter! Just sit calmly still!
Thou longest much to know thy dear Lord's will!
While anxious thoughts would almost steal their way
Corrodingly within, because of His delay
Persuade thyself in simple
faith to rest
That He, who knows and loves, will do the best.
Sit still, my daughter! Just sit calmly still!
Nor move one step, not even one, until
His way hath opened. Then, ah then, how sweet!
How glad thy heart, and then how swift thy feet
Thy inner being then, ah then, how strong!
And waiting days not counted then too long.
Sit still, my daughter! Just sit calmly still!
What higher service could'st thou for Him fill?
'Tis hard! ah yes! But choicest things must cost!
For lack of losing all how much is lost!
'Tis hard, 'tis true! But then--He giveth grace
To count the hardest spot the sweetest place.

--J. D. Smith

Reading that really made me feel better. Now if God can give me a house my life would be complete lol.
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There is a meme going around that David Hasselhoff's song "True Survivor" tried to warn us of a future Hilter like leader, a la Trump.


Well, all I got from it is that it's beyond funny! A nice '80s satire themed video. Man it gave me a much needed laugh!


Jan. 30th, 2017 11:30 pm
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Yay! More Politics!
Due to the incompetence of the Cheeto, I'm bombarded with political news 24/7. I can't escape the bastard. Even if I didn't care about all the shit that is going down, I'm surrounded by it. I go to work, I have to deal with pro-Trump coworkers. When I get home I have to deal with my stupid pro-Trump family, when I'm online I have to deal with the seething anger that Trump's policies are causing. Even when I had to take my mom to the goddamned ER, the staff were talking about it!! Because it affects every damn facet of my life now, I can't stop talking about it LOL.

This shit storm of stupid is like a black hole. It just sucks every damn person and thing in its vincinity.


When I'm out and about I can feel the tension and uneasiness. It's not going to get better anytime soon.

At this point I'm all angered out. I didn't think it was possible but I'm completely worn out from being so angry at the state of my country.


I'm just going to try to enjoy my life the best I can, take pleasure in the small things, including my birds and just keep an eye on our crazy President. That's all that I can realistically do.

At least I have Netflix and my delicious Greek trail mix. I ate that stuff in record time. I LOVE the yogurt chips. It tastes like white chocolate.

Just got done binge streaming The Killing on Netflix. Yes, it's a little dark, but man that is one damn good series. The cinematography, the mood and the story pacing reminds me of the X-Files, without the paranormal stuff. I highly recommend anyone who has a Netflix subscription or trial to check it out.

Work was ok I guess. Our developers are a husband and wife duo. Unfortuately for me the wife developer is a raging and lazy asshole. It's always, "I can't do this," "WE CAN'T DO THAT," "what are you talking about?!" Seriously though, what can you bums do? How in the hell did they get city contracts?! If they can do it, then I can be a well paid hack too!

Civil War

Jan. 29th, 2017 05:53 pm
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Each day that the Cheeto is in office is one more day that we inch toward civil war. I don't like to think or feel this way, but the deepening divide in our country says otherwise. I truly don't understand how anyone could excuse the escalating censorship of federal agencies and the media including journalists. Not to mention the inexcusable siding with the Russians over our own intelligence agencies. If I'm honest this country has been headed toward a second civil war since the abolishment of slavery.

Maybe I'm being overly reactionary and pessimessic, but I really do not see things going in the right direction for my country and the world. Even if we somehow avoid a second civil war, we could find ourselves in multiple armed conflicts around the world (ex. war with China).

As a proud American, I can admit that we as a nation are not in a position to win a war against an equally strong super power. We have been weaked by division, financial upheaval and countless other domestic issues our government chooses to ignore. I just hope against all hope that the moron-in-chief realizes this and dials back his dangerous rhetoric before it's too late. 
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It should, but we have seen time and time again that all lives do not always matter. Like most things in this country, chosing which lives matter is based on situational ethics/morals/politics.

I could go into detail about my complete thoughts on the immigration ban, but I'm really tired about talking about the orange one and his fascist policies. All I'm going to say is I'm beyond disappointed in my fellow Americans who helped elect that piece of garbage.

Even if Trump wasn't elected I would still have this overwhelming feeling that our time as a super power is slowly coming to an end. The election of Trump just confirms to me the diseased state of our country.
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So the orange one will be inaugurated tomorrow as our President. What is there left to say that hasn't been said about the Cheeto? Is it horrible to say that I wish a T-Rex would descend from the clouds and eat him, his followers, the senate and house republicans? I'll also settle for a Trump pee and poo malfunction in front of everyone. Actually that would be better, he would never come back from that. NEVER. LOL.

The worse part is his idiot followers. Come tomorrow I'll have to hear their stupid faces celebrate the asshole's win. Especially at work.


Come on Elon Musk, stop dicking around! We need to colonize Mars like yesterday!

I got my online orders rather quickly! I got two green utility jackets from Charlotte Russe and an Avon lotion from Amazon. Love Avon's Skin So Soft Hair Minimizing lotion. It's the only lotion that helps with the itch after I shave.


Jan. 13th, 2017 11:44 pm
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Love this.
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True or not it's not too much of a stretch to believe the orange one paid two hookers to urine in his mouth with their dirty coochies.

He just loves himself hookers, so much so he married one. Is peeing in the bedroom one of Melania's wifely duties? Or is the orange one a giver? Does he water his plants with his no-no bits? Will R. Kelly, Ray J and Kim Kardashian attend his inauguration? So many questions!


Dec. 20th, 2016 05:53 pm
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Stupid country and our spineless electors. Whatever.

I had to return most of my Old Navy order. Stock issues. Fine. Whatever.

I want a new car (a flying/hover car)

Got back into House of Cards. I forgot how boring season 3 was.
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The semester is OVER!!! I'm so relieved! I turned in my final painting on Friday. After coming home I slept and then I slept some more. After only getting 2 to 3 hours of sleep a day for the past week trying to finish my last assignment I'm beyond exhausted. Friday was officially the end of the semester, which also means I'm unofficially done with school. I have to wait and see if I passed my art history class to offcially celebrate, but I think I did.

Next goal: find FULL-TIME employment and move the fuck out. My family are Cheeto supporters. I thought I could over look that, but coupled with all their other bullshit I say FUCK them. I have lost what little respect that I might have had for them. That goes for any Cheeto supporter. The hell with respecting differences. If you can condone the crap that the Cheeto monster has done and continue to do then FUCK you too. I don't need people like that in my life. Looks like I'm going to need new friends. Good riddance.


Nov. 12th, 2016 09:44 pm
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Hanging my stuff took longer than anticipated. I'm so sore from standing, bending, reaching and walking back and forth. I'm just glad the hard part is over. Tomorrow we just show up, look at each other's work and eat. I can handle that.

I was talking with a friend about Cheeto Man. We agreed it's not worth inviting health issues due to extreme anger and hatred. I'm taking a break from all news and social media items that feature Cheeto Man. For my own well being I'm just going to relax and chill. There is a reason this happened, while I don't understand it right now perhaps someday I will. I still want to live on another planet. The new America is frightening (or is it the same America, but we no longer have rose colored glasses on?).
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Framing and matting is hard. I have to frame my stuff for the student show. I'm done with six out of seven. The only reason why I'm not done is because I accidentally bent one of my mats. So now I have to recut a 16"x20" mat.


At least I have extra mat board to cut. It does help that I have a mat cutter.

I learned Staples' print center is awesome! My prints look awesome! And they were only like $1.19 to print on cardstock.

I'm trying to avoid watching the news. I do not want to see that Cheeto shit stain smiling and celebrating amongst his people (by people I mean the morons who voted for him). Man, when did I become so bitter and angry? I really REALLY wished moving to Mars was an option.

It's very apparent that we are a deeply divided nation. Some conservatives claim they "endured" Obama for 8 years and we should do the same. BULLSHIT! They have done EVERYTHING they possibly could to undermine his presidency. FUCK those backward assholes. Guess what fuckers Cheeto shit stain will NEVER be my president. See how I get just thinking about him?

Many are teeming with anger...and it's not going away. I see a fracture coming and it's not going to be pretty.
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Dear My Fellow Citizens,

You just got FUCKED in the ass. Haha. Good luck you'll need it.


Donald Trump ❤

Oh and by the way you can grab all the pussy you want! No one seems to care about that anyways Teehee.
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I pulled an all-nighter for nothing. I got up took a shower and felt awful. Didn't feel like making the 100 mile round trip to school. At 35 I'm noticing a slow down. I can't do the all-nighters anymore, those days are gone.

Anyways, since I'm home I'll catch-up on things I've been neglecting.

So today is Halloween. Eh. Don't observe it. Tomorrow there's going to be lots of post-halloween candy sales. I'll be on the look-out for the Jolly Ranchers.

When did Twitter become home to the far-right nutters? As a moderate I can't stand neither side. 
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The US Presidential Debate was last night. So let me get this straight, after all the controversy Clinton has hanging over her head, Trump couldn't take advantage? Instead he opted to wear himself out by talking over and interrupting her. Interrupting and talking over someone isn't a sign of strength. It's a sign of weakness. Why argue the merits and points of an argument when you can just yell over them. That'll shut them up and thus the argument goes away!


How can you let Clinton come off looking like a presdential hero?! I don't care for neither one of them, and I will most likely vote for a write-in candiate. This debate shows how screwed we are as a country. On one hand we have a lying and corrupt career politican and on the other hand we have an equally corrupt buffoon who wants to be besties with Vladmir Putin.


Oh America where did you go wrong?

Sinus Pain

Jan. 18th, 2016 05:16 am
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I can't sleep. My face hurts so bad. Made worse by going on twitter and reading Adam Baldwin's tweets. For the record I'm not a liberal or conservative. I'm what you call a moderate and I don't vote via party lines.

Underneath "douche" there should be a picture of Adam. The guy gives decent conservatives a bad name. How hard is it to admit when you're in the wrong? It would seem he resorts to petty name calling when he loses an argument LOL. Typical behavior of a militant party/political hardliner.

I'll just be glad when this joke of an election is over. There is not one candidate that I would vote for. I think I'll write "Mickey Mouse" as the write-in candidate. We'll be better off with Mickey as the president compared to the hacks running.


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