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Like usual Keith is spot on about Trump and the 100 day mark.

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My mom thought it would be nice/appropriate to send my uncle a condolence card regarding the passing of his daughter (my cousin). Each of us will write a message and sign it.

I'm awful at writing/expressing condolences. I don't want to say too much to the point where it gets weird and painful, but I don't want to say too little where it looks like I don't care. Eventually I give up and search google for helpful messages. I don't copy them outright, but they certainly help to formulate my own message.

Anyways while searching for helpful messages I found this site that will sell you a CD full of condolence/sympathy messages for $24.99. Great idea except the writing is horrible! I would never pay a cent for any of these. Here are some of my favorites:

"I am at once sorry and relieved to hear of Jane's passing. Like all of you, I loved and admired her dearly. Few people can be a productive as she was throughout her life. Because she was so bright and had such vitality, I am sure she would have suffered greatly had she lived much longer in her condition. Although we hate to lose her, we are glad she didn't have to suffer long. Sometime in the near future I would like to bring some photos of your mother from our college days. Please let me know when that would be appropriate.
I get what the author is trying to say, but it just comes off as tone-deaf and offensive. Might as well write  "Whew...good thing Jane died. It was getting bad up in here." LOL

"I am sorry to hear that after a valiant battle with cancer your father has passed on. It seems unfair that his illness was properly diagnosed only three months ago and he is already gone. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends who must now accept this sudden reality. I hope good memories can help ease the pain of this loss."
LOL. At this point just write "He dead and went quick! Suck it up because the man is a goner" gives the same impression of callous disregard. 

There are more examples on the site that are equally bad. 
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Not only did I import all my posts from [ profile] renewed2, which is my current lj, I've also decided to import posts from my earlier livejournal. Reading through all of my entries made me sad and brought back so many bad memories.

My life has changed since the journal's creation in 2007, but I feel I haven't progressed enough. I'm still living in the same place, still dealing with similar issues, still this and still that. When will my circumstance truly change? I'm truly tired of living in this shit hole shared with an enabling dope and a fuckin shit-head. Living here wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for those two. 

I hate it that I sacrificed so much time and money going to school. Yes, I finally completed school and earned a BFA, but it was done at a huge cost to me and my sanity. 

Looking back at my life, I wish I had someone looking after me and my best interests instead of their own selfish agendas. 

I suppose I shouldn't look back, can't change anything. I'm trying to look forward, but it's difficult. 
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I'm watching Keith Olbermann. It truly is the end-times.
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I finally got the news that my cousin died. She was diagnosed with late stage breast cancer around March 2016. She lived a good six months longer than her initial prognosis. We weren't close, but the news does hurt. She fought hard to live and I'm just sad she lost her battle.

This isn't "goodbye." It's "see you later."
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I like WordPress, but automating the cross posting was a headache, so for the time being I will be posting from DreamWidth. I still think it's fugly and I'm unsure if DreamWidth will even be around in the next two years, BUT it's the most compatible with Livejournal so...


Apr. 16th, 2017 04:17 pm
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This cross posting thing is stupid. Livejournal and Dreamwidth strips all rich and html text. I shouldn't care, but it's the designer in me that is very bothered by the fugliness of the posts sans formatting. Why can't I just use RSS without email to update these stupid blogs?! UGH!!!
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Post : Greetings From WordPress!
Posted : April 15, 2017 at 7:40 am
Author : nibblezz
Categories : Uncategorized

So this is my first cross post from WordPress. Considering there isn't a service that enables direct cross posting/sharing between Livejournal and WordPress, figuring everything out was a bit of a headache until I found this post ( )  detailing how to make use of Livejournal's email posting.

Instead of having a direct posting connection between WordPress and Livejournal, I added another connection, which is Dreamwidth.

DreamWidth was not necessary to enable the crossposting, but I added it as an backup/archive account. My Dreamwidth username is nibblezz ( ) . This is how my cross posting works:

Post from WordPress goes to email subscriber (DreamWidth's special email posting address) > Posts to DreamWidth (account is set-up to automatically cross post to my livejournal) > WordPress post appears on Livejournal.

There are a few kinks to work out such as the post formatting, but I'm sure in time I'll figure out how to make the posts less cluttered with all that category junk WordPress adds to it's email subscriptions.


Add a comment to this post:
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I wanted to make an account over at Xanga, but they're not accepting new users :(

WordPress wins by default. Love the fresh and clean themes. The free version doesn't have the level of post customization compared to Livejournal, but it'll have to do.

Maybe I'll just output my WordPress blog posts to livejournal. Not sure how I want to handle this. I'll figure it out.

My WordPress blog.

Nothing there yet, but when I get the time I'll customize it and maybe create a banner and new user images.
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So Livejournal has a new user agreement. After 12 years regularly using this service I feel it's time to move on. There's no way in hell I want to conform to "the Civil Code of the Russian Federation."

No, I'm not a Russia hater. I have nothing against the Russian people, it's their government I have an issue with--most notably Putin. I could go into depth about all the ways I feel the updated user agreement will censor our speech, but why bother?

My only question about this, is what service will replace Livejournal? I've tried other blogging platforms and they're just not the same. I've heard of Dreamwidth, but the site looks AWFUL and who knows how long the site will be operational. I'll keep searching.


Apr. 2nd, 2017 01:40 am
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Another Saturday has come and gone. Yet again, I was unproductive. I HATE living here. That is all.
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Flynn asks for immunity in exchange for his testimony.

Do you hear that? It's the sound of deafening SILENCE from Trump nation. Absolute SILENCE.


Oh and...

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Such a stupid past two weeks. I wish I could take a month off from everything. Doesn't help the embarrassment that occupies the White House is seeking to dismantle our environmental protections, healthcare and other essentials. Don't even get me started on #RussiaGate. When will this asshole get impeached and thrown out of office?


At least my car rocks :) I call it a "baby" SUV. The VW Tiguan is considered a compact/small SUV. The increased visibility and riding height just blows the Jetta away. And those annoying deep dips? I can drive right through them without significantly slowing down. I mean I don't recommend you do that, but if the need arises I can without freaking out that I'm scratching/damaging the bottom. I can never go back to a regular car.

So there's that, otherwise my life sucks at the moment. 
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Don't park in my parking space assholes!
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It's been an eventful week at home and at work. I don't feel like typing much tonight, but let's just say it's been a shitty week. At least today I can be relieved Obamacare hasn't been repealed. It's just another reminder how incompetent the Trump administration truly is.

I think I've gained weight, which isn't surprising since I've been eating like a pig. It feels like I've been hormonal for years. All I want to do is eat. Maybe I'm pre-menopausal or maybe I'm using food to cope with stupid crap at home and at work.

Cheesecake has become more adventurous. Makes me happy to see him venture out and have a little birdie fun :)

Season Two of The Catch has been a big disappointment. The only saving grace is the delicious eye candy that is Peter Krause. Why can't the older men around my way look like him or Boris Kodjoe? It's for the best, temptation is a bad thing especially in my current hormonal state.


Wish I had a husband that could screw my brains out right about now LOL. I better stop typing. Gotta go and exercise and no that's not an euphemism for finding someone to bang the ever living shit outta me (that would be very nice...).
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I had plans to hangout with a friend this weekend, but it looks like I'll have to reschedule again lol. My period decided to make a late appearance.

Stupid period.

Since my surgery my periods have been annoyingly regular. Interesting enough, pre-surgery, when my periods showed up it would last 7+ days. Post surgery, periods are now regular with only a three day duration.

I hate periods, but afterwards I feel so relieved of excess bloating and the negative emotions.

UGH. Cramping hard right now :( and my boobs are not happy. Just two more days...


Mar. 4th, 2017 08:33 pm
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I seriously need to get off of Twitter today and get stuff done. The news cycle about #RussiaGate is absolutely nuts! So many twists and turns.

The Trump Administration couldn't tell the whole truth if their life depended on it. As the President of the United States, he has the power to declassify whatever he wants, including the supposed "illegal" wiretappings of Trump Tower. So what's the hold up?

Oh wait...that's right, it's just a deflection and an attempt to reframe the whole situation. What better way of taking the focus off of your own shady Nixon-like Russian dealings than to accuse a former President of illegal wiretapping.

Expect some serious SPIN from his camp in the coming hours, days, weeks and maybe months. LOL. Won't work Donald. Most of us can see right through your desperate attempts to hold onto the Presidency. I guess we'll see what new/worsening allegations tomorrow holds.

On a related note, being a Russian diplomat or someone connected with the Trump dossier shouldn't expect a long life span. How convenient. 


Mar. 2nd, 2017 02:46 pm
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Looks like the Sessions' scandal is opening up a can of worms the orange one doesn't want to be opened.


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"We may not always see what's ahead, but He does.
There’s great power in trusting Him. For it clears the way for our security to be based solely on Him, not on our circumstances, or other people, not on ourselves, or our own ways of thinking.

He is faithful to lead us and He sees the big picture. He brings clarity and light through foggy times. He knows what’s around the other side of the bend where we can’t fully see. His timing is perfect even when we start to feel like we’ve been forgotten. No matter how we feel or what our current situation may be, we can be confident that God’s Presence will go before us, paving out pathways, guiding and guarding our steps.

Keep choosing trust. Let go of worry, hold on to Him.


He always seems to speak to me just when I need it.

It's so hard to trust when the situation doesn't look like it's close to being resolved. I have no other productive choice, but to trust that He will fix things. 
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I can't stop eating. I'm ovulating and I'm extremely hormonal. If I could I would eat EVERYTHING on site. Good thing I'm not some subhuman monster, or my birdies would be on the menu LOL.

I would kill for a nice large plate of pizza with all the toppings with fresh cheesy bread..


I may have to hide the scale for a few weeks lol. 


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