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Because I'm a glutton for punishment, I've decided to binge watch season five of House of Cards.

Why not?

Who cares if real life mirrors fiction and vice versa. At least President Frank Underwood is sexy, cunning and intelligent. While Trump is ugly and stupid. Even though I'm living through the real thing, I'm at the edge of my seat watching House of Cards' Underwood hold on to his Presidency. 
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It's been an eventful week at home and at work. I don't feel like typing much tonight, but let's just say it's been a shitty week. At least today I can be relieved Obamacare hasn't been repealed. It's just another reminder how incompetent the Trump administration truly is.

I think I've gained weight, which isn't surprising since I've been eating like a pig. It feels like I've been hormonal for years. All I want to do is eat. Maybe I'm pre-menopausal or maybe I'm using food to cope with stupid crap at home and at work.

Cheesecake has become more adventurous. Makes me happy to see him venture out and have a little birdie fun :)

Season Two of The Catch has been a big disappointment. The only saving grace is the delicious eye candy that is Peter Krause. Why can't the older men around my way look like him or Boris Kodjoe? It's for the best, temptation is a bad thing especially in my current hormonal state.


Wish I had a husband that could screw my brains out right about now LOL. I better stop typing. Gotta go and exercise and no that's not an euphemism for finding someone to bang the ever living shit outta me (that would be very nice...).
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For season 2 of The Catch! I don't care how old Peter Krause is, that man is HOT. Plus I need a distraction from all the political bullshit.

I just got done watching the season finale of How to Get Away with Murder, like always it was awesome!


Jan. 30th, 2017 11:30 pm
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Yay! More Politics!
Due to the incompetence of the Cheeto, I'm bombarded with political news 24/7. I can't escape the bastard. Even if I didn't care about all the shit that is going down, I'm surrounded by it. I go to work, I have to deal with pro-Trump coworkers. When I get home I have to deal with my stupid pro-Trump family, when I'm online I have to deal with the seething anger that Trump's policies are causing. Even when I had to take my mom to the goddamned ER, the staff were talking about it!! Because it affects every damn facet of my life now, I can't stop talking about it LOL.

This shit storm of stupid is like a black hole. It just sucks every damn person and thing in its vincinity.


When I'm out and about I can feel the tension and uneasiness. It's not going to get better anytime soon.

At this point I'm all angered out. I didn't think it was possible but I'm completely worn out from being so angry at the state of my country.


I'm just going to try to enjoy my life the best I can, take pleasure in the small things, including my birds and just keep an eye on our crazy President. That's all that I can realistically do.

At least I have Netflix and my delicious Greek trail mix. I ate that stuff in record time. I LOVE the yogurt chips. It tastes like white chocolate.

Just got done binge streaming The Killing on Netflix. Yes, it's a little dark, but man that is one damn good series. The cinematography, the mood and the story pacing reminds me of the X-Files, without the paranormal stuff. I highly recommend anyone who has a Netflix subscription or trial to check it out.

Work was ok I guess. Our developers are a husband and wife duo. Unfortuately for me the wife developer is a raging and lazy asshole. It's always, "I can't do this," "WE CAN'T DO THAT," "what are you talking about?!" Seriously though, what can you bums do? How in the hell did they get city contracts?! If they can do it, then I can be a well paid hack too!


Dec. 20th, 2016 05:53 pm
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Stupid country and our spineless electors. Whatever.

I had to return most of my Old Navy order. Stock issues. Fine. Whatever.

I want a new car (a flying/hover car)

Got back into House of Cards. I forgot how boring season 3 was.


Sep. 22nd, 2016 10:23 pm
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The season premiere of Empire sucked. Why do I continue to watch it? Story and music wise the show peaked around season one/beginning of season 2. 


Jul. 18th, 2016 08:00 pm
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It's on Hulu. I can admit when I'm wrong. I was wrong about Casual. It's smart with a dark sense of humor.

I'm craving chocolate and junk food. That is all.


Jun. 3rd, 2016 11:50 pm
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It's been hot out here in Southern California. I HATE summers here. During the hotest months it can easily reach up to the 110's. I need to move to a cooler area. Washington state maybe? LOL

I bought some cute but really cheap tanks from Walmart for $5. Perfect for hot weather. I wear them with a cardigan. I also bought some cardigans from Old Navy for $7. They were on sale. Next week I aim to get a red cardigan and yellow one. The yellow is proving hard to find in my size. I also got sale jeans in red and gray. It's so difficult finding an awesome pair of AFFORDABLE color jeans in my size 18W. I love Walmart for jeans, but they don't seem to stock color jeans for long. It's a waiting game.

Admittely I've over spent on clothes in the past month. I need to curb it, if I ever want to pay off my credit cards and move out. But it's so hard! Everything seems to go on sale when I want to save!


I need to win the lotto LOL!

I had a good Memorial Day weekend. Took the family to Palmdale to see our aunt. The trip wasn't so bad. It was about an hour and half drive. While I was there I decided to hit up the local Old Navy store in the Antelope Valley Mall LOL. It was a nice and scenic drive. Lots of cactuses. I wish my aunt would move closer.

Cheesecake has become so adventurous and playful. He's walking the bird table with confidence. Chewing on his blankets, shredding the newspaper that lines the bird table. It's just really great to see considering when he came to us he was cage bound and terrified of venturing outside of the cage. Now he has two favorite toys: his green tennis ball and a string of old yarn and shoe laces that I affectionately call his "ropey toys." I tried buying him actual bird toys but he hated them. Go figure. Maybe Cheesecake and Peaches have more incommon than they realize LOL. Peaches also likes the ropey toys.

Why do I keep watching General Hospital? It's always going to be the Sonny and Carly show. Dumb. I need to stop watching...but what else am I going to watch now that all of my shows save for the Last Ship is set to return in fall '16 and spring '17. Bleh.
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LOL. That phrase was part of the dialoge in "S.R.819" an episode of the X-Files. When the senator said that I just couldn't help but laugh. I think I'll include it in my vocabulary LMAO. 


Feb. 26th, 2016 09:09 pm
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I wasted the entire day in bed and I don't feel bad about it. This week has been challenging and physically exhausting. I just really hate school. I'm struggling to design stuff, because I don't want too. Having said that, maybe it's a good thing that I was no longer in the running for the job. I was pretty bummed that I wasn't even called back to complete a design test. Oh well, everything happens for a reason.

To console myself I decided to binge watch all three seasons of Dallas. The first season was absolutely dreadful, but the show really picked up the pace in the second and final season. I never really noticed Mitch Pileggi in the X-Files, but the man can really act. Besides the initial "oh hey that's AD Walter Skinner from the X-Files" his overall performace was so good I primarily associate him with his Harris Ryland character now.

To-Do List

Feb. 18th, 2016 06:37 pm
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I have about 30 minutes to kill until my next class. I'm so behind in life. I still have to activate my new credit card, reload the printer with new ink, change my primary doctor, throw away the boxes, renew my auto insurance and I'm sure I'm missing something else.

My interview was yesterday. If I get it, it will show me that it's all God, because I royally screwed up some of the questions LOL. At least I looked very stylish :) I was early and found nearby parking. The interviewers were very late and at the last minute changed floors were the interview took place.

Been binge watching the X-Files. I'm up to season 9. One thing that I didn't appreciate when the show first ran was AD Skinner. That guy was very underrated. He was so attractive. Not sure why the writers didn't give him a bigger role, especially when David Duchovny left the series. Adding two new agents was a mistake.

The new episodes are okay, but I feel the writing is to applease the long-time fans. It's so campy and mediocore. It doesn't hold a candle to the original (1-5 seasons). Anyways AD Skinner (Mitch Pileggi) still looks good except for that awful beard. CUT IT OFF!!! It makes him look like Santa Claus.  

The Fixer

Dec. 28th, 2015 08:21 pm
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It's a mini series that premiered earlier this year and it's beyond awful! The acting and story line are laughingly stupid LOL. Don't get me started on the lame disguises hahaha, but on a unexpected note I spotted a Surface Pro 3!

It feels like a student video production gone wrong that's how bad it is. I'm only on the first episode and trying my hardest not to stop watching. At this point I'm just watching for the unintended laughs LOL.
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Just a brief updates of sorts. I'm doing much better. I had a minor setback, but it looks like I'm on the mend again :) I was able to secure one wah job and I'm still hoping to secure the other. I have medical bills to pay :( Or I should say out-of-pocket expenses to pay.

Birds are doing fine.

LOL @ Nickolas on GH. I like the new Nickolas, he's far more interesting now that's he's a villain.

That about sums up my update LOL.
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So I'm almost done with this semester. Two down one more class to go. I'm good with a B or better. At this point I just don't care.

Ugh. Still waiting on insurance approval for my surgery. Almost didn't happen, because some idiot at Health Net decided to spew the wrong coverage details. It's very important that you know what your insurance covers. I had to set the authorization nurse straight and call the insurance myself. Sad that I have to do her job. Anyways my stupid tumor is too large for a laparoscopic procedure. I have to go the major surgery route.


My recovery is one month MINIMUM.

Double UGH.

Not looking forward to that...AT ALL.

New Avengers movie is doesn't look all. When did I start thinking these types of movies are dumb? With the exception of Iron Man, I find the super hero/comic book turned movie genre moronic, formulaic, and tired.

Yup it's official...I've changed. Past interests just don't cut it anymore.

Still burning through ER reruns. I've lost a lot of respect for Shonda. There are a lot of ideas and some episodes from Grey's Anatomy that were straight-up ripped off from ER. She's a hack.

Speaking of Grey's's completely stupid. Now McDreamy has been killed-off the show should be cancelled. It's a sad pathetic shell of its former self. The only Shonda show that I watch is HTGAWM. The fact it wasn't her idea, speaks volumes.

Cheesecake is so cute :) He now has a girlfriend...his honey nut stick LOLOL. Birds are beautiful, intelligent, yet strange creatures.
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Just noticed that. Kevin should totally play Hitler in a biopic. To be honest, he kinda does on House of Cards.
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Shows That I Love

  • How to Get Away With Murder - LOVE Viola Davis.

  • Empire - I didn't want to like it, but damn it...I'm hooked! LOVE the entire cast especially Terrance Howard and Taraji Henson.

  • Gotham - Jada Pinkett-Smith and Robin Lord Taylor make the show worth seeing

  • About a Boy - LOVE the entire cast. It's so cute.

  • House of Cards - Yuppity Yup. That show is the bees knees. Kevin Spacy is just...awesome in that role.

Shows That I Like

  • Project Runway - After 14 or so seasons PR still got it. Very entertaining. Watching other's design process is fascinating.

  • The Real Housewives of Atlanta - What can I say...NeNe and co. are entertaining. Claudia Jordan has re-engerized my interest in it.

  • The Middle - Endearing

  • Archer - Quite entertaining :) I even got my mom hooked LOL.

  • Parks and Recreation - It's been a fun ride. It's a shadow of it's former self, but that's ok. This is the final season. I will always have Ron Swanson.

  • General Hospital - Yes it's a soap opera, but I don't care. This show can either be in the Love it or Like it category. Currently I'm only liking the current storyline.

  • Rookie Blue - Eh. It's a fun and decent summer show.

Shows That I Watch Because Nothing Else is On

  • Grey's Anatomy - Hasn't been great since the second season. Still watchable, but way past it's prime.

  • Law and Order: SVU - Still entertaining, but I think it's time has come. Time for it to go.

  • Project Runway: All Stars - It's ok, but it doesn't hold a candle to the original. Not even close.

  • Scandal - So dumb on so many levels. I only watch it if I need background filler noise while I'm painting or working.

  • The Bold and the Beautiful - Yeah. Another soap opera. It's medicore at best. Thorsten Kaye is it's only saving grace.

  • Jane the Virgin - My mother loves this show. I...not so much. I do love Ivonne Coll and Jaime Camil. They make it bearable.

  • Bob's Burgers - Eh. It's ok. It got old real quick

  • Family Guy - Eh. Stewie is the only character worth watching.

  • The Simpson's - Double eh. Cancel and bring back Futurama in it's place :)

  • South Park - Like the Simpson's it's time to end it. No longer funny or relevent.

Shows That I Love(d) but Got Cancelled in The First Season

  • Red Band Society - So much potential. Sad to see it go.

  • Gang Related - Damn that was such an action packed show in the end. So much promise...

  • Selfie - Why oh why was it cancelled :( It was light-hearted and cute. LOVED John Cho in it.

All Time Favorites (Shows that I like back then, and would still want to see today)

  • ER - No explanation necessary. That show was epic. No medical drama past or present can ever equal ER in it's prime.

  • Dirty Sexy Money - Only lasted two seasons, but it was so delicious. It deserved more seasons.

  • Futurama - I miss Leela and crew. Far more entertaining compared to the Simpson's or Family Guy.

I'm sure I'm forgetting a few, but this is my list as I currently remember it.
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So bored. It's too cold to work from my studio so I'm chilling at home. I'm suppose to be working on my client's UI, instead I'm blogging. Yeah...I'm just not very productive at home. I also have a bad case of the "blahs." I'm very moody today. Kinda feeling like the glass is half empty these past few days, being hormonal doesn't help. I even took offense to Pastor's Laurie's remark about Windows Phone users. I know, stupid right?


Two of my favorite shows have been cancelled.

Story of my life.

It's bad enough Gang Related was cancelled, but Selfie and Red Band Society? Just awful! Why? They were such good shows :(

I got a horrible cough.

Waiting to take my blood tests. I kinda been O'Ding on anti-histamines and no-no foods the past two months. Soooo...I have to make sure I detox before taking those tests. I don't want my doctor to wag his finger at me in a disapproving manner LOL. Plus I need those LFTs to come back normal.


Dec. 15th, 2014 03:10 am
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Yeah. I'm sorta into that show. At first I was put-off by all the sexual innuendos and partial nudity (cartoon nudity, but nudity nonetheless). But after watching the first two seasons, it's really not that bad. It's pretty well written and the character design is great! The human figure is beautifully rendered. The motion is surprisely fluid and to my surprise the proportions rarely get shewked when moving. I'm hooked!
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LOVE this show! Too bad about the low ratings. Don't think Fox will renew it :(

Above is a promotional clip before the show began. It sums up the show very well.
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The last episode was...AWESOME!!! Based on the current ratings the chances of renewal is poor. I hope by some miracle it sees another season. I would like a proper wrap-up to the current storylines.


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