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Jul. 26th, 2017 12:04 am
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It's that time again for tech porn!

Here is the Surface Studio in all its sexy glory:



I want one :(

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Dear Imaginary Santa Claus,

Bring me a Surface Studio with 32GB of ram, 4GB GPU and a 2TB hard drive. Oh and my very own place away from my moronic family. Preferably somewhere on a livable Mars. If you have the time throw in a new car that runs on air power and can fly.


Ana renewed2


Oct. 27th, 2016 01:03 am
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What a SEXY piece of hardware! I want one, but it starts at $2,999. LOL. So...anyone need a kidney?
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Working, school and freelancing is exhausting. I almost told my client to take a hike. I was within minutes of telling him I couldn't work with him anymore. One, because I was extremely exhausted. Two, I was annoyed by the lack of design direction from him. Almost on que we skyped and the discussion helped steer me off the ledge. It felt a lot like God was telling me 'It's ok, I'll help you get through it'. And he did.

School doesn't end for another three months. It doesn't sound like a long time, but juggling all three plus the senior art show is overwhelming. Why did I even agree to the project? Again, like on que it was an opportunity to meet a need. I'm short on my tution and needed almost the extact amount I would be receiving from the freelance gig. Again, God met my need. It hasn't been easy, not by a long shot, but God is with me, so that is somewhat comforting.

Finally got a Surface Pro 4. Good timing too. My brick of a laptop is on it's last legs and my tabletPC is not only slow but also experiencing some worrisome problems. Hopefully I can prepare them for sale and get rid of them soon. My SP4 maybe much smaller than my 17.3" brick, but it performs much better and the screen is far superior. Where was this awesome tablet four years ago?
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Last night I had a brief, but very annoying internet outage. It was torture. How did I ever function without internet? At least the outage helped me to get off my tablet/computer/phone and do some cardio LOL.

Unrelated, but I decided to take a day off from school and just work from home. I didn't feel like trekking 50 miles to attend one class and skip the other to just do what I can do from home.

Another factor that helped me to stay home was Cheesecake. Yesterday he freaked out, took-off and hurt his wing. He's ok, but I just wanted to make sure someone I trust (me) was able to watch him. Peaches seems to like having his space back while Cheesecake hangs out with me. Those two will most likely never be friends. 

I'm Alive

Apr. 19th, 2016 12:30 am
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So it's April now. So much stuff...

The Good

  • I FINALLY got hired and it's local! No more awful soul crushing morning commutes.

  • There is three more weeks until the semester is over. I hate school.

  • I love my new wardobe.

  • Free to exhale. Finished taxes on Sunday and it looks like I'm getting a small refund. Tax software from best to least: Turbo Tax > TaxAct > H&R Block. This will be my first and last time I use H&R Block. There was a reason Amazon had a price cut. Never again.

  • Discovered the Prism app. Got all my bills paid and sorted out.

  • I have hope again, that my situation will get better.

  • Hooked on The Catch.

  • I lost weight :)

  • Been more physically active, which led to the weight loss.

The Bad

  • Burnt-out. I can't bring myself to start on my project or draw...or design. Which is an awful thing considering my job is designing LOL.

  • I discovered I hate risographs.

  • Got bad news about my cousin. Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. It's not looking good for her :( If anyone happens to read this please pray for her. If Jesus can bring Lazarus back from the dead there is still hope for her.

  • The used copy of Adobe CS5 didn't pan out. The seller is a lying sack of poo. Good thing I bought it off of Amazon and was able to get my monies back. But this leaves me without software. CC? Yuck. I guess at this point I have no choice. I just wish Affinity would hurry up and release the beta for Windows already.

  • Had a mini spiritual meltdown and axed bible study. In my defense my bible study partner had very little life expereince in well...everything lol. I'm sure once she goes through more gut wrenching trials she'll grow some empathy until then...BYE! LOL

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Sometimes doing the right thing is a pain-in-the rear. Unfortuately for me I got an uninformed Adobe chat agent who refused to acknowledge Adobe Acrobat Professional 9.3 is included in CS5 Design Standard. Even when I provided a link to Adobe's very own help file LOL! He even refused to escalate the issue to someone who knew what they are talking about. Just for the record I was not rude,I didn't even call him names or use profanity. I just stated the facts of the situation. In the end he became snarky and I basically put him in his place by stating more facts, facts that he couldn't come back from LOL.

Realizing I wasn't getting nowhere with him I had to tweet AdobeCare to get resolution for my issue. Thank goodness the rep who's helping me knows what they are talking about. Mental note: whenever I need something from Adobe it's best to use social media not chat.

While pirating had it's own unique set of headaches, dealing with uninformed/poorly trained customer support reps does nothing to help fight piracy. Despite the headache with Adobe chat I would never knowingly pirate software anymore.
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I wish there was a remote that I can use to fast forward the bad parts of life and just experience the good. If there was any doubt before, there is none now. I'm definitely in the wilderness.

On a unrelated note I forgot to pay my insurance premium. Oops!! I paid it today :)

PS I want the Surface Pro 4 so bad, but I have spent nearly $4K on medical and misc bills, which leaves no monies for tech toys.

Adobe CC

Sep. 23rd, 2015 11:39 pm
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I think it's the end of the road for me and Adobe CS. I have fond memories of my first Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver and Flash projects. Since I don't pirate software anymore affording these software bundles have become burdensome. I think it's safe to say in 2015 there are enough free or low cost alternatives to Adobe Creative Suite. Plus Adobe has forgotten us PC users. Their UI is not tablet nor high dpi friendly. I think it's also a good time to dump my HP Pro x612 for the upcoming Surface Pro 4. The parallex in Wacom products is now starting to bug me. Can N-trig really be a better product for me now?


Sep. 2nd, 2015 08:34 pm
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Lots of eBay, PayPal, school, Amazon and hospital bill shenanigans.

EBay seller cancelled the transaction and refunded my monies. Great. Now I have no software. Back to the drawing board. Maybe God's looking out for me. Perhaps the serial was no good?

Dropped my last class. Coming back from surgery to a full time schedule was just a bit too much.

Amazon seller refunded my transaction. Why list a product if you're not 100% sure if it's compatible with the listed model number? Bleh.

I feel my hospital bill is wrong. I don't see my co-pay payment being applied to the final bill. The difference can be $374 if I'm right.
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Dear Wacom,

Please fix your faulty 7.3.1-7 drivers for Windows 10. It has disabled the eraser function for my pen.


TabletPC User :)
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Work has been very slow and a bit frustrating. I was fuming for a bit when they arbitrarily decided I didn't qualify for the weekend bonus because I was three calls short. Strange, they didn't note this supposed requirement in the announcements. This was their underhanded way of cheating their workers who also qualified for the customer service bonus.

God made it right for me :) A week later I was invited and accepted into a new pilot program testing out new features. With this I get more money than I would have gotten with the weekend bonus. Whatever the enemy meant for my harm, God used it for my good :)

To be honest this job is only temporary. I don't see myself as a long-term worker there. This company is just too dysfunctional for my liking. Yes, I know all companies have some type of managerial dysfunction, but the level of gross mismanagement is just...too much. I'll give it another month or so, hopefully I'll find something better by then.

The iPad Pro is supposedly coming this fall.


The iPad is a great CONSUMPTION device, but what about a business device? If the pro version comes with a hybrid OS X then I could see it being a hit with business customers. Otherwise why even bother with a mobile OS? Why spend so much money on a bigger glorified iPhone? Eh. Just buy the Surface Pro.

Speaking of which, where is the Surface Pro 4 Nadella? I'm waiting!

I LOVE my birdies. They are so cute :)

Cheesecake has a girlfriend and it's he's honey stick snack. LOL. That isn't the worst object my birds have fallen for. My late budgie Snickers used to have a cookie monster toy that he was madly in love with. Peaches is the boring one out of the bunch with an oven mitt that he fancies LOL.

School is right around the corner.


I'm ready to graduate. I'm just over it. I hate having to socialize with students 10 years younger. I just wish there were more students my age that I can connect with *sigh*.

Windows 10

Jul. 29th, 2015 08:50 pm
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So I've upgraded all my Windows-based devices. One laptop and two tabletPCs are now on Windows 10. I really like it. I love how they incorporated the traditional desktop with the live tiles. I may love it, but it does have it's issues. For one it feels like a beta release. It has some bugs and it could use a bit of polish in it's UI. Regardless, it's a solid release.

Better :)

Jul. 10th, 2015 11:56 am
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Yays! Livejournal is back up.

So...I'm doing much better :) I almost feel normal. Strange that is took me close to three weeks to be rid of the vertigo and brain frog. I'm guessing it's side effects of the general anesthesia.

Twitter has been hilarious as of late. Especially with all the Paula Deen/Confederate flag business. As much as I love twitter, it doesn't compare to Livejournal. Yes I know it's passase and all the cool kids are not on here, but I have not found any other blogging/social media platform quite like Livejournal. Don't even suggest Facebook. Facebook is an abomination that I no longer use (I deleted my personal account back in May). I hope Lj can be sold to someone who cares and can reinvigorate this site. It's a shame what poor management and neglect can do :(

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I don't feel like writing a novel, so it'll be short and sweet.

Got tablet back. Everything is perfect except for the peeling plastic cover.


Almost but not quite there.

So I need surgery, but my gyno is a babbling buffoon and his office staff are ghetto idiots.

Yep yeps. I have an appointment with another gyno.

*crosses fingers hoping new gyno is not an idiot*

RadNet is an abomination that needs to be destroyed. Cancelled ALL four my VERY important imaging test this week. Two of which were cancelled within 30 minutes of my appointment time. Did I mention my surgery is pending on this VERY important test?

My illustration teacher **** R***e is a fuckin asshat that needs an cactus edema. Earth to asshole, you are not 20 and you are not our friends. I hope that jerk gets into a horrible car accident and his employer gives him only six days off to recover.

Still need to do taxes for me and my mother.
Paintings are due on Friday >.<

Layouts due on Tuesday >.<

*Sigh* *Sigh* and *Sigh*!
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The last few weeks have been pretty shitty. Just got my tablet back from repair and back it goes again. This will be the 4th time I've sent it back to HP. Pathetic! I vow to never buy another HP product ever again. They design and manufacture junk.

I got sick for a week, which put me behind in everything. I hate school so much. I've extended my stay by one too many years.
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Dumb Hulu and their auto play feature. Otherwise I would NEVER in a million years watch that idiotic crap. I'm not an anime or manga fan (to put it mildly) so I guess I may not totally appreciate or understand it?



*Presses back button and deletes any evidence of Dragon Ball Z viewing*
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Title says it all.
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I'm currently trying out Amazon Prime and I must say it's pretty awesome. With the trial I'm able to stream unlimited video so I watched Star Trek: Into Darkness, Hunger Games: Catching Fire and the Avengers. I must say Star Trek and the Hunger Games were pretty decent. However the Avengers is an entirely different story. Man that movie was your run-of-the-mill superhero garbage. Not even Robert Downey Jr. was able to save it.

I couldn't take Thor's hammer seriously. I mean it looked like a plastic toy weighing no more than a few ounces LOLOLOLOL. And those "super hero" fight moves? HAHAHAHA!!! HORRIBLE!!! I laughed. I don't think that was the reaction the movie was going for.

I'm just glad I didn't waste monies seeing it at the theater. I gave it a "D". It would have been an F, but it does get points for the fab tech (computer machinery, not the special fx) and of course Robert Downey Jr.
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Over at WpCentral, DJCBS made this gem of a comment in response to Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella not challenging Apple's CEO Tim Cook to be "iced" :

"Tim Cook is an old man. He just wants a hot tea, some Apple pie and a warm blanket."

Yup. That's pretty funny!


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