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It just started to chirp. My birds are like WTF?

Nice little distraction from all the craziness in my life and of course the world around me.

Florida is one day out from hurricane Irma's impact. Good luck to whoever foolishly stayed behind.

Sucky Week

Jun. 12th, 2016 03:23 pm
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Overall this week has sucked for many reasons. I'm not in the typing mood. Here are bullet points, since I'm not up to typing/writing:

  • We have a lot of angry and unhinged people in this world and unfortuately innocent people usually end up paying the price. Almost every week we hear of shootings, terrorist attacks, and other equally awful stuff. No matter where in the world, there is always someone with an axe to grind against someone and/or something. Sadly it's only going to get worse.

  • I can see why there is so much turn-over at my job. Trying to get everyone on the same page is like pulling your fingernails off with a plier. Everyone is only looking out for themsevles. It's a miracle that anything gets done. Ugh...why can't I ever find a decent job? Maybe I need to create my own?

  • Some people drive like assholes. Excuse my language but I'm just not happy about it. It's going to be three times in the last few weeks that an impatient driver has snuck behind me going way too fast while I'm changing lanes. The scariest was on the freeway and the jerk almost clipped me weaving in-and-out of traffic.

  • I'm tired, but at least I finally finished the portrait I was working on. Originally I created it for a digital skin coloring demo.

  • Peaches has perched himself on my tablet. Very cute :)

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HAHAHAHA!!! Look closely at the image. The guy is using his hands as binoculars! How can I take threats from North Korea seriously if they can't even supply their soldiers with REAL BINOCULARS!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Oh Kim Jong-un, how you make me laugh.
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What would we do without North Korea, Venezuela and Iran? Who else would bring the funny? Apparently N Korea has threatened to go "thermonuclear" on us. Was it something we said? Did they not like our honorary Secretary of State Dennis Rodman's visit? I guess it all amounts to Kimmie being kimme. I hope they release another idiotic statement and propaganda video soon (they ripped it off from some video game), I need the laughs.

Speaking of laughs, a high ranking Venezuelan official and a certain attention seeker Iranian dictator has implied the American government killed Hugo Chavez. Yes, because we can give our enemies cancer. If that was the case I'm sure dictators such the fruit cake from Iran and Kimmie would be long gone.

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