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Personally 2016 wasn't the worst, but it wasn't the best either. I just have to believe whatever remains unfinished in 2016 will be finally put to rest in 2017. I have no New Year's resolutions. I've stopped doing those a while back.

I hope this upcoming year will be a good one for everyone :)
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As the clock winds down on 2015, I have some thoughts in the last hours of the year:

- I need to move to a better place.
- I really need to move on with someone new.
- I finally forgave my ex's mother.
- Cheesecake found new love in a tennis ball LOL.
- Peaches has become cranky in his old age.
- I'm going to have a 20 year old pet next year!
- I want a new car, but I want a house more.
- I may delay buying a Surface Pro 4, because I want a house more.
- I want need an awesome job that pays well, because I'm tired of being broke.
- Not sure what direction I want my life/career to go.
- West Covina has changed alot since I've visited last.
- I need to take bible study more seriously.
- I need to repair my relationship with Jesus.
- Need to lose weight for the right reasons. One of which should not be to fit into a freakum dress LOL.
- I think my remaining ovary is outta control.
- Few days ago I finally admitted to myself my sister is a loser. She's a 'never was,' and a 'never will be.'
- I'm good with my selfishly loser sister sabotaging her life and health. I'm DONE with her.
- My mother enables my sister's loserdom.
- God willing, next year will be my final year of school. I hate school.
- I really need to stop being lazy and make lj avatars of my actual birds LOL.


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Christmas has come and in some parts of the world is over. I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas.

I hope 2016 is not a repeat of 2015. For a lot of us this year hasn't been the best. May your New Year's Eve celebrations be safe.
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I really don't have much to say about this year or my plans for next. Good things happened. Bad things happened. There wasn't much to 2014. It felt like every other year except for the change in numbers. I expect 2015 to be more of the same. I look forward to 2016. God willing, it will be the year that I graduate. Then NO MORE SCHOOL FOREVA!!!!
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I'm in a better mood today compared to my last post. I divided my new year's resolutions in two categories: professional and personal. The professional deals with business and the personal deals with well, with my personal stuff. Here it is:

Professional Resolutions
1) Blog at least twice a week.
2) Tweet at least four times a week.
3) Secure at least two clients before February 2012.
4) Draw/work on perspective, color theory and proportion.
5) After February, get/maintain at least 2 to 3 clients per month.
6) Expand my client base.
7) Limit procrastination as much as possible.

Personal Resolutions
1) Get baptized
2) Learn more about the bible
3) Find a church
4) Work on having more trust/faith in God. There are times, especially in hard times, that I struggle to maintain faith in his ability to deliver/guide me out of my problem.
5) Exercise at least 30 minutes for four times a week.
6) Learn to cook better
7) Transfer to a CSU
8) MOVE-OUT!!!!
10) Pay-down my debt
11) Help my family more
12) Be a better person
13) Be a better bird mommy
14) Put more effort in my appearance
15) Regulate sleep pattern

I just hope in 2012 I can finally scratch-off some of the more frequent items off my new year's resolution list, such as moving-out, earning more money and paying my debt down/off. Here's to a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!!!

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I made some resolutions last year...let's see how I faired:

1. MOVE OUT!!! - I want to get my own place. I miss living in a clean place. My sister is a hoarder so all of her shit just takes over everything and it's disgusting! 
Nope...didn't happen. LOL. 

2. Make more money! - Make enough to live off of.
Nope...that didn't happen either. I actually made less.

3. Lose weight! - Yeah...I've been saying that in the past few years. In 2009 I had some success before gaining it all back and then some. Most of it is not having money to buy healthy foods and my current living environment. 
Nope...gained more.

4. Pay Karen back! - I would like to pay her back all of the money she lent me.
HA! Not even close. If anything I incurred more debt.

5. Refinance my car loan - I'm at 8.74% Not bad considering my past credit issues.
HAHA!!! A big fat NOPE.

6. Draw more - I would like to have the time to engage in art projects.
I guess. So far I'm 1 for 8.

7. Pay-off my credit card - That would be easy, considering I only have 300 credit limit.
Nope. I hated 2011. I was completely drained in every way possible.

8. Be Happy!
Can't say that was achieved either. I had my moments of "happiness," but they were far and little in between. 

9. Finish all CSU transfer requirements!
I actually did pretty good in this area. I finished up all but one CSU transfer requirement. I applied to four CSUs. Hopefully I'll get accepted to at least one that I like.

10. Buy new glasses.
Didn't happen.
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2009 along with this decade is nearing it's end. I can't say I'll miss the 00's. Unfortunately the bad times far outweighed the good ones. As for 2009? New relationships where made, life plans were realized and new adventures were experienced. Overall I must say it was a fairly good year.

A look back to key years:
  • 2000: Got my driver's license. Moved to Anaheim, CA. Meet my really good friend Karen.
  • 2001: 9/11 happened. Got my first car.
  • 2002: Moved into my own place. Unfortunately it was located in Riverside.
  • 2003: Suffered two really bad car accidents.
  • 2005: Meet my future soulmate and life partner (just didn't know it yet) on MySpace (yeah...who would have known?). Suffered a financial wipeout of epic proportions. Learned a lot about myself and what I really wanted from life. Created a Livejournal account :) Started tinkering with Photoshop.
  • 2008: Yeah...that year was so bad I decided to block it out. Let's just pretend it didn't happen.
  • 2009: New Relationship.

I'm heading into the new decade on a positive note :) I hope all of the positive and good things I experienced in 2009 carries into 2010 and beyond. Here's to a rockin new year's eve and an awesome new decade :D


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