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Was very entertaining and uplifting. It's a nice change from what I usually watch (blood, guts and gore). To be honest, after binge watching The Fall and The Killing, I wanted to watch something that wasn't so dark and depressing. It was also nice to watch a movie where the main women characters are smart and strong and not some brainless sex doll on a stick who's probably a good 20 years younger than her male co-star.

I was pretty surprised there were a good number of people in the theater with me, despite it being a Sunday night AND rainy. I may watch it again.
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Still hot and gross.

Trying to figuring out ways to get out of this dump without resorting to student loans. I don't want to be paying student loans for the rest of my life though. I just can't take living here anymore.

Saw Jason Bourne and Star Trek. Bourne was boring except for the epic car chase. Star Trek had some beautiful space shots, other than that...meh. I must be getting crabby in my old age. 
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My rage continues. I just had a shitty day. Think I'll watch "The Secret Lifes of Pets." It's suppose to be a good movie. I'm sure it'll relax and entertain me.
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I'm currently trying out Amazon Prime and I must say it's pretty awesome. With the trial I'm able to stream unlimited video so I watched Star Trek: Into Darkness, Hunger Games: Catching Fire and the Avengers. I must say Star Trek and the Hunger Games were pretty decent. However the Avengers is an entirely different story. Man that movie was your run-of-the-mill superhero garbage. Not even Robert Downey Jr. was able to save it.

I couldn't take Thor's hammer seriously. I mean it looked like a plastic toy weighing no more than a few ounces LOLOLOLOL. And those "super hero" fight moves? HAHAHAHA!!! HORRIBLE!!! I laughed. I don't think that was the reaction the movie was going for.

I'm just glad I didn't waste monies seeing it at the theater. I gave it a "D". It would have been an F, but it does get points for the fab tech (computer machinery, not the special fx) and of course Robert Downey Jr.
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The IMDB user "dtich" wrote this about the movie called "The Purge: Anarchy"

"the whole concept of this p.o.s. series of films is revolting to me. one big bs excuse for an unbridled and horrible depiction of neighbor on neighbor violence under the pathetic pretense that it's some sort of incisive commentary on the state of american society. every time that national anthem plays in the trailer i want to kick the tv in. there is not an ounce of worthwhile thought in the first movie, and there seems to be even less in this upcoming one.

don't we have enough of this inhuman stuff in real life without sloshing it all over the movie screen while pretending to have something to say?

total bs. this is what is driving american culture into the dirt."

My response to his post is AMEN brother! PREACH!
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I never tire of watching it. Even if it takes a lifetime, good will always triumph over evil. No matter the situation, people will have more respect for those who practice what they preach over someone who is a hypocrite. I know I do.
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Yeah. Don't think so. I lol'ed reading this comment from a poster:

"Of course it's completely inaccurate. This is a Hollywood film starring Kutcher! I would not be surprised if there are several scenes of pot smoking and it ends with a huge shoot-out action scenes that has a bunch of swearing and gratuitous explosions."

Now if those elements were in the movie, I would see it in a heartbeat. It would be beyond ridiculous, but can you imagine how stupid funny it would be?!
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So everyone wants to see this movie. Even though Iron Man makes an appearance, the movie doesn't appeal to me.


I'll just wait until Iron Man 3 comes out :)


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