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My mom thought it would be nice/appropriate to send my uncle a condolence card regarding the passing of his daughter (my cousin). Each of us will write a message and sign it.

I'm awful at writing/expressing condolences. I don't want to say too much to the point where it gets weird and painful, but I don't want to say too little where it looks like I don't care. Eventually I give up and search google for helpful messages. I don't copy them outright, but they certainly help to formulate my own message.

Anyways while searching for helpful messages I found this site that will sell you a CD full of condolence/sympathy messages for $24.99. Great idea except the writing is horrible! I would never pay a cent for any of these. Here are some of my favorites:

"I am at once sorry and relieved to hear of Jane's passing. Like all of you, I loved and admired her dearly. Few people can be a productive as she was throughout her life. Because she was so bright and had such vitality, I am sure she would have suffered greatly had she lived much longer in her condition. Although we hate to lose her, we are glad she didn't have to suffer long. Sometime in the near future I would like to bring some photos of your mother from our college days. Please let me know when that would be appropriate.
I get what the author is trying to say, but it just comes off as tone-deaf and offensive. Might as well write  "Whew...good thing Jane died. It was getting bad up in here." LOL

"I am sorry to hear that after a valiant battle with cancer your father has passed on. It seems unfair that his illness was properly diagnosed only three months ago and he is already gone. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends who must now accept this sudden reality. I hope good memories can help ease the pain of this loss."
LOL. At this point just write "He dead and went quick! Suck it up because the man is a goner" gives the same impression of callous disregard. 

There are more examples on the site that are equally bad. 
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So the orange one will be inaugurated tomorrow as our President. What is there left to say that hasn't been said about the Cheeto? Is it horrible to say that I wish a T-Rex would descend from the clouds and eat him, his followers, the senate and house republicans? I'll also settle for a Trump pee and poo malfunction in front of everyone. Actually that would be better, he would never come back from that. NEVER. LOL.

The worse part is his idiot followers. Come tomorrow I'll have to hear their stupid faces celebrate the asshole's win. Especially at work.


Come on Elon Musk, stop dicking around! We need to colonize Mars like yesterday!

I got my online orders rather quickly! I got two green utility jackets from Charlotte Russe and an Avon lotion from Amazon. Love Avon's Skin So Soft Hair Minimizing lotion. It's the only lotion that helps with the itch after I shave.
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Damn it...I've did it again. Wasted precious time on Twitter liking all of @JonyIveParody stuff. It's pretty hilarious!
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Loved this article about a Jony Ive designed "Christmas" tree. But what I loved more was this comment:

"Look, I’ve bought quite a lot of Apple shit over the years, and this christmas tree sucks. Seriously, this is the stupidest christmas tree I’ve ever seen.

If I wanna look at completely unadorned pines, I’ll fuck off to the nearest copse of trees around where I live. Put some goddamn lights on the tree, some glitter and glass balls wouldn’t hurt either.

Make it know, festive. Not like jumping the shark."

You sir have won the internets for a week. Well played. Godspeed. 
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LMAO! For the record I didn't submit that. And yes, she is a turd LOLOL.
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Dumb Hulu and their auto play feature. Otherwise I would NEVER in a million years watch that idiotic crap. I'm not an anime or manga fan (to put it mildly) so I guess I may not totally appreciate or understand it?



*Presses back button and deletes any evidence of Dragon Ball Z viewing*
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Over at WpCentral, DJCBS made this gem of a comment in response to Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella not challenging Apple's CEO Tim Cook to be "iced" :

"Tim Cook is an old man. He just wants a hot tea, some Apple pie and a warm blanket."

Yup. That's pretty funny!
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The IMDB user "dtich" wrote this about the movie called "The Purge: Anarchy"

"the whole concept of this p.o.s. series of films is revolting to me. one big bs excuse for an unbridled and horrible depiction of neighbor on neighbor violence under the pathetic pretense that it's some sort of incisive commentary on the state of american society. every time that national anthem plays in the trailer i want to kick the tv in. there is not an ounce of worthwhile thought in the first movie, and there seems to be even less in this upcoming one.

don't we have enough of this inhuman stuff in real life without sloshing it all over the movie screen while pretending to have something to say?

total bs. this is what is driving american culture into the dirt."

My response to his post is AMEN brother! PREACH!
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LOL at the op's trolling. I have to admit I had the same response as sandifay62. This isn't the funniest though. I do remember a troll asking why is John Locke sleeping, when it was reveal he was dead. To me that was the funniest troll question of all time LOL.

I just wished they didn't kill off Doug. He was like the ultimate henchmen. He even looked like a shark. Oh well. Now I have to wait a year for season 3. UGH!!!
nibblezz: (Default) losangeles07 sir won the internets for the day with this gem of a comment:

"losangeles07 at 8:48 PM August 3, 2013

Jim Read, your mom is done turning a trick and she wants you to come back in the house for dinner.  She made Pop Tarts tonight."

Oh man...I LOL'ed at that one.

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DSL is FINALLY working! Not as fast as my old connection, but it's FAR cheaper compared to cable. Not to mention it's so much faster than dial-up.

web hit counter
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*Clicks the unsubscribe. button*

Facebook is annoying. I prefer Twitter.

Finals are coming up. Not sure what grade I'll get in Art History. Pretty sure I'll get an A in Typography. Just a few more days...


Aug. 7th, 2012 11:41 pm
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I finally got a real response from my Craigslist posts! Basically I got offered a freelance graphic artistic position. Hopefully we can work out the details we all can be happy about.
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So I was one of the many Associated Content or "Voices" as it's now known-as, account holders who's information (email and passwords) was hacked from a group that calls themselves "D33Ds". I'm a bit upset with Yahoo and their security oversight.

I've been thinking of disassociating myself from Yahoo (email and related services) for quite a long time, especially considering my primary email accounts are now hosted by Google. Now news of my account being compromised was the last straw. I finally deleted one of my yahoo email accounts. And will be migrating any images from Flickr and my other yahoo email account to Google.

I've also uninstalled YIM since I deleted my Yahoo account. Who still uses YIM anyways?


Dec. 29th, 2009 12:12 am
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So I missed out on an easy $100 :( pays $10 per website test. Basically all you need is a computer, mic and webcam. I waited too long to login and complete the testing invites. At least I was able to get two done. Oh well maybe I'll get more invites soon.

I just realized I did another oopsie. I didn't rename the preview file name before submitting it to Since I can't follow instructions, my preview image will be denied. Oh well. LOL.

I think I'll just start my own tutorial website and attempt to make money off of adsense. I probably won't see any profit in the first year, but hey it's worth a try :)


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