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It just started to chirp. My birds are like WTF?

Nice little distraction from all the craziness in my life and of course the world around me.

Florida is one day out from hurricane Irma's impact. Good luck to whoever foolishly stayed behind.

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This week continues to suck for many reasons, but look a cute budgie video!

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This past week sucked, but this bird video made me smile :)

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Edited: It looks like Dreamwidth is blocking this video. Stupid. Here is the link:

Cute :)

Apr. 30th, 2017 04:10 pm
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Not a cat person, but this was too cute to ignore

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It's been an eventful week at home and at work. I don't feel like typing much tonight, but let's just say it's been a shitty week. At least today I can be relieved Obamacare hasn't been repealed. It's just another reminder how incompetent the Trump administration truly is.

I think I've gained weight, which isn't surprising since I've been eating like a pig. It feels like I've been hormonal for years. All I want to do is eat. Maybe I'm pre-menopausal or maybe I'm using food to cope with stupid crap at home and at work.

Cheesecake has become more adventurous. Makes me happy to see him venture out and have a little birdie fun :)

Season Two of The Catch has been a big disappointment. The only saving grace is the delicious eye candy that is Peter Krause. Why can't the older men around my way look like him or Boris Kodjoe? It's for the best, temptation is a bad thing especially in my current hormonal state.


Wish I had a husband that could screw my brains out right about now LOL. I better stop typing. Gotta go and exercise and no that's not an euphemism for finding someone to bang the ever living shit outta me (that would be very nice...).
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Been tried...exhausted really so this post will be short.

  • Been super stressed, but what else is new.

  • Bought Cheesecake a cat toy. As expected he hates it.

  • Had a hormonal freak out. Damn. Why do I still have my period? After my right ovary was removed I was hoping the other would just fail. No such luck.

  • Super hungry. Like I want to eat cake all day LOL.

  • Having the blahs.

  • Skipped school Monday and slept in.

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It was hot today. Too hot. Just cleaning Peaches and Cheesecake's cages had me sweating up a storm.


The heat is making me sluggish and irritable. I'm certainly not alone. There were a lot of impatient and angry drivers yesterday trying to get to their July 4th destinations (Mostly Las Vegas). The miserable heat did not help things.

I don't get it. What's so great about Vegas? Every three-day weekend people rush to Vegas even if that means spending hours on a freeway along with a billion other people. Once you get there you have to contend with like-minded people trying to squeeze a weeks worth of activities into two days. Everywhere you go mobs and mobs of people not to mention the crazy heat. After you've gambled away all your money you get back on that congested freeway and rush home just in time for work the next day. How in the heck is that relaxing?!

No thanks.

I think I'll watch a movie and maybe go out to eat.

Sucky Week

Jun. 12th, 2016 03:23 pm
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Overall this week has sucked for many reasons. I'm not in the typing mood. Here are bullet points, since I'm not up to typing/writing:

  • We have a lot of angry and unhinged people in this world and unfortuately innocent people usually end up paying the price. Almost every week we hear of shootings, terrorist attacks, and other equally awful stuff. No matter where in the world, there is always someone with an axe to grind against someone and/or something. Sadly it's only going to get worse.

  • I can see why there is so much turn-over at my job. Trying to get everyone on the same page is like pulling your fingernails off with a plier. Everyone is only looking out for themsevles. It's a miracle that anything gets done. Ugh...why can't I ever find a decent job? Maybe I need to create my own?

  • Some people drive like assholes. Excuse my language but I'm just not happy about it. It's going to be three times in the last few weeks that an impatient driver has snuck behind me going way too fast while I'm changing lanes. The scariest was on the freeway and the jerk almost clipped me weaving in-and-out of traffic.

  • I'm tired, but at least I finally finished the portrait I was working on. Originally I created it for a digital skin coloring demo.

  • Peaches has perched himself on my tablet. Very cute :)


Jun. 3rd, 2016 11:50 pm
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It's been hot out here in Southern California. I HATE summers here. During the hotest months it can easily reach up to the 110's. I need to move to a cooler area. Washington state maybe? LOL

I bought some cute but really cheap tanks from Walmart for $5. Perfect for hot weather. I wear them with a cardigan. I also bought some cardigans from Old Navy for $7. They were on sale. Next week I aim to get a red cardigan and yellow one. The yellow is proving hard to find in my size. I also got sale jeans in red and gray. It's so difficult finding an awesome pair of AFFORDABLE color jeans in my size 18W. I love Walmart for jeans, but they don't seem to stock color jeans for long. It's a waiting game.

Admittely I've over spent on clothes in the past month. I need to curb it, if I ever want to pay off my credit cards and move out. But it's so hard! Everything seems to go on sale when I want to save!


I need to win the lotto LOL!

I had a good Memorial Day weekend. Took the family to Palmdale to see our aunt. The trip wasn't so bad. It was about an hour and half drive. While I was there I decided to hit up the local Old Navy store in the Antelope Valley Mall LOL. It was a nice and scenic drive. Lots of cactuses. I wish my aunt would move closer.

Cheesecake has become so adventurous and playful. He's walking the bird table with confidence. Chewing on his blankets, shredding the newspaper that lines the bird table. It's just really great to see considering when he came to us he was cage bound and terrified of venturing outside of the cage. Now he has two favorite toys: his green tennis ball and a string of old yarn and shoe laces that I affectionately call his "ropey toys." I tried buying him actual bird toys but he hated them. Go figure. Maybe Cheesecake and Peaches have more incommon than they realize LOL. Peaches also likes the ropey toys.

Why do I keep watching General Hospital? It's always going to be the Sonny and Carly show. Dumb. I need to stop watching...but what else am I going to watch now that all of my shows save for the Last Ship is set to return in fall '16 and spring '17. Bleh.
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Last night I had a brief, but very annoying internet outage. It was torture. How did I ever function without internet? At least the outage helped me to get off my tablet/computer/phone and do some cardio LOL.

Unrelated, but I decided to take a day off from school and just work from home. I didn't feel like trekking 50 miles to attend one class and skip the other to just do what I can do from home.

Another factor that helped me to stay home was Cheesecake. Yesterday he freaked out, took-off and hurt his wing. He's ok, but I just wanted to make sure someone I trust (me) was able to watch him. Peaches seems to like having his space back while Cheesecake hangs out with me. Those two will most likely never be friends. 


Dec. 9th, 2015 09:07 pm
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It's been six months since my surgery and I finally feel like the old me. It felt good to finally be able to do stuff like briskly walking to the parking lot or get up without having to hold on to something.

Undergoing surgery and the recovery process has sucked, BUT I am grateful that it wasn't more cancer. While this year has been difficult to say the very least, I understand it could have been far worse.

Cheesecake has really made a lot of progress. I can't blame the poor little guy for not trusting humans. For the first 16 years of his life he was never allowed out of his cage. He never was socialized properly. Getting him to come out of his cage was and still is a challenge, but he's slowly but surely starting to venture out. Initially I wasn't sure about Cheesecake coming to live with me, but I'm glad the circumstances permitted him in my life. It's just a shame Peaches and Cheesecake can't be friends.

I guess Peaches is just not a bird's bird LOL. He was also very antagonizing toward Snickers when he was alive. Snickers always used to commandeer Peaches' cage LOL. I miss that cute little trouble maker.
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My land lords are scum. I'm tired of my living situation. I've been in this dump for too long it's time for a real change. I'm tired of waiting. I want to buy a home NOW. When I move into my new home Cheesecake can make as much noise as he likes.
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Work has been very slow and a bit frustrating. I was fuming for a bit when they arbitrarily decided I didn't qualify for the weekend bonus because I was three calls short. Strange, they didn't note this supposed requirement in the announcements. This was their underhanded way of cheating their workers who also qualified for the customer service bonus.

God made it right for me :) A week later I was invited and accepted into a new pilot program testing out new features. With this I get more money than I would have gotten with the weekend bonus. Whatever the enemy meant for my harm, God used it for my good :)

To be honest this job is only temporary. I don't see myself as a long-term worker there. This company is just too dysfunctional for my liking. Yes, I know all companies have some type of managerial dysfunction, but the level of gross mismanagement is just...too much. I'll give it another month or so, hopefully I'll find something better by then.

The iPad Pro is supposedly coming this fall.


The iPad is a great CONSUMPTION device, but what about a business device? If the pro version comes with a hybrid OS X then I could see it being a hit with business customers. Otherwise why even bother with a mobile OS? Why spend so much money on a bigger glorified iPhone? Eh. Just buy the Surface Pro.

Speaking of which, where is the Surface Pro 4 Nadella? I'm waiting!

I LOVE my birdies. They are so cute :)

Cheesecake has a girlfriend and it's he's honey stick snack. LOL. That isn't the worst object my birds have fallen for. My late budgie Snickers used to have a cookie monster toy that he was madly in love with. Peaches is the boring one out of the bunch with an oven mitt that he fancies LOL.

School is right around the corner.


I'm ready to graduate. I'm just over it. I hate having to socialize with students 10 years younger. I just wish there were more students my age that I can connect with *sigh*.
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So I'm almost done with this semester. Two down one more class to go. I'm good with a B or better. At this point I just don't care.

Ugh. Still waiting on insurance approval for my surgery. Almost didn't happen, because some idiot at Health Net decided to spew the wrong coverage details. It's very important that you know what your insurance covers. I had to set the authorization nurse straight and call the insurance myself. Sad that I have to do her job. Anyways my stupid tumor is too large for a laparoscopic procedure. I have to go the major surgery route.


My recovery is one month MINIMUM.

Double UGH.

Not looking forward to that...AT ALL.

New Avengers movie is doesn't look all. When did I start thinking these types of movies are dumb? With the exception of Iron Man, I find the super hero/comic book turned movie genre moronic, formulaic, and tired.

Yup it's official...I've changed. Past interests just don't cut it anymore.

Still burning through ER reruns. I've lost a lot of respect for Shonda. There are a lot of ideas and some episodes from Grey's Anatomy that were straight-up ripped off from ER. She's a hack.

Speaking of Grey's's completely stupid. Now McDreamy has been killed-off the show should be cancelled. It's a sad pathetic shell of its former self. The only Shonda show that I watch is HTGAWM. The fact it wasn't her idea, speaks volumes.

Cheesecake is so cute :) He now has a girlfriend...his honey nut stick LOLOL. Birds are beautiful, intelligent, yet strange creatures.

18 Years

Dec. 31st, 2014 01:36 pm
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Of squeaks, chirps, bites and cuteness. My cockatiel is now 18 years old. It's strange saying I have a 18 year old pet. I just wish Snickers could have lived longer to meet Peaches' friend Cheesecake. Another lutino cockatiel, who by the way is two years his junior at 16.
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Around 8:30pm last night Snickers passed away. Ironically just one day before his scheduled appointment with the Avian specialist. Oh well that's life. I will miss him terribly, but I'm at peace with the situation. It was his time to go. I feel blessed that God gave us nine years of happiness with him. I'm comforted that his death was instantaneous, no suffering.

I'm extremely sad and tired, I'll post more thoughts and pics later on.
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Managing work and school has proven to be quite difficult, not to mention the crazy drive back and forth from Riverside to Long Beach. I don't know how I'm going to continue the rate I'm going at. To say I'm exhausted is an understatement. I've never been so tired, so fatigued, so spent. Perhaps it's my age coupled with my crappy health, all I know is I can't keep doing this.

I've wanted to move to Long Beach for the longest time, not because it's the best city, but because I go to school and now work there. Every time I plan to move something ALWAYS happens. The latest obstacle is allocation of my finances. For you see, Snickers, my parakeet, is sick and needs extensive medical care and that takes money. The money I was to use for my deposit and moving costs will now be allocated to Snickers medical fund. As much as I want to move, I'm not going to do nothing and watch my beloved birdie just die without any kind of medical intervention. This whole situation sucks. I'm tired and frustrated. I'm looking forward to the day when things die down on all fronts.
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So far this week has been challenging, but it did have it's reedeming qualities. Snickers got very sick. He was vomiting and not eating or drinking, but I'm glad to report he is on the mend :) The job offer didn't materialize, but at least I got paid for two hours of work. I was also able to tether my phone to the laptop. Oh and I didn't get ticketed for driving with expired tags.

I wonder what will tomorrow bring?


Aug. 12th, 2012 09:38 am
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I'm glad this week is almost over, Riverside has experienced a blistering heatwave of 104+ degrees. The heat coupled with humidity has made it unbearable. It was so bad I had to place my birds in my room with a fan on them 24/7. This week is suppose to be cooler, but it's still going to be hot.


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