Jan. 29th, 2017

Civil War

Jan. 29th, 2017 05:53 pm
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Each day that the Cheeto is in office is one more day that we inch toward civil war. I don't like to think or feel this way, but the deepening divide in our country says otherwise. I truly don't understand how anyone could excuse the escalating censorship of federal agencies and the media including journalists. Not to mention the inexcusable siding with the Russians over our own intelligence agencies. If I'm honest this country has been headed toward a second civil war since the abolishment of slavery.

Maybe I'm being overly reactionary and pessimessic, but I really do not see things going in the right direction for my country and the world. Even if we somehow avoid a second civil war, we could find ourselves in multiple armed conflicts around the world (ex. war with China).

As a proud American, I can admit that we as a nation are not in a position to win a war against an equally strong super power. We have been weaked by division, financial upheaval and countless other domestic issues our government chooses to ignore. I just hope against all hope that the moron-in-chief realizes this and dials back his dangerous rhetoric before it's too late. 
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In my non-political post of the day, I'm going to rant about Volkswagen and their decision to make the 2018 Tiguan larger.

Why do car companies keep making compact suvs bigger? If they kept the 2017 size and slightly changed the brake lights and panel styling of the 2018 model it could've been a winner.


Why do I even care? It's not like I have a permanent job that I can count on. My stay has been extended due to the Media Department's slowness in returning my queries, otherwise I would have been out looking for work two weeks ago.

Anywho my next car will most likely be a pre-2018 VW Tiguan or a Buick Encore.


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